Culinary Works

Culinary Works combines professional cooking instruction with a casual, hands-on hands social format that everyone can enjoy.

Located in the kitchen design studios at DEANE, Inc. in Stamford and New Canaan, CT, classes are intimate and interactive with seasonal menus and educational and entertaining themes to choose from.

Get cooking with in-home customized private cooking parties for entertaining, corporate teambuilding, friends’ night out, and celebrations of every kind. Culinary Works has the perfect recipe to create unique, memorable, and delicious events.

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“It’s not always the recipes you are learning,
it’s the little things in how you get there along the way that will make you a better cook.”


Julia Deane

Executive Chef

I began my culinary career as a young child baking in the kitchen with my mother and brothers. Lessons learned from baking pies and cakes would lead to experimenting with various foods and cooking techniques throughout my young adult years.

Upon marriage at 24, I became very comfortable with the art of entertainment and the value of a home cooked meal. Before children and domesticated living took hold, I followed my curiosity once again and enrolled in the culinary program at Norwalk Community College where I studied under French based, certified Master Chef Edward Leonard, CMC, AAC. Chef Leonard taught me the importance of properly seasoning food and using seasonal ingredients whenever possible. My thirst for greater knowledge was only heightened. I have since enjoyed studies in Northern Italy at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners as well as recreational schools in New York, New Orleans and Chicago including The Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan.

From pies and cakes, to hosting my own class of twenty, my curiosity has grown into a passion and an ongoing quest for culinary knowledge. I believe the best method of learning is through practical experience in the kitchen. I truly enjoy helping other people learn how to become better cooks for themselves and for their loved ones. It makes for a happier and healthier table. There is something to be said for coming together, cooking and sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Meet Wanda, Assistant Chef

My culinary journey began as a young girl in New York City in a little place called Nana’s kitchen, cooking alongside my grandmother. Sunday dinner was where it all started. It was a weekly celebration of family and friends that was just as much about the food as it was about feeding the soul. It was a production every week. We would start preparing for the grand feast by going to local markets where I was taught how to cherry pick the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

Cooking good food is simple. Start with fresh ingredients, make everything from scratch and add the most important ingredient love. Yes, love is an ingredient. It was in Nana’s kitchen where I learned that recipes are guides and always follow your instincts.

Once I began experimenting with cooking on my own it became as natural as breathing air. I started cooking for my friends in high school and then went on to hosting my own dinners for family and friends, sometimes up to 50 people.

After many years of climbing the corporate ladder and cooking for fun, I decided to hang up my heels and cook professionally. I landed at ICE – The Institute of Culinary Education. I studied under great culinary minds like Chef Chris Gesauldi who earned 3 stars in the New York Times and was sous chef to Michelin Star Chef Thomas Keller. 

I bring to you my passion for food, empowerment and confidence in cooking. For me, there is no greater joy in life than feeding the souls of people through food.


Culinary Works Chef

Wanda learned to cook as a young girl in New York City alongside her grandmother. She believes that cooking good food is simple. Start with fresh ingredients, make everything from scratch and always follow your instincts.
Wanda studied under great culinary minds like New York Times 3 star Chef Chris Gesauldi and was sous chef to Michelin Star Chef Thomas Keller.


Culinary Works Assistant Chef

James is an old school Italian through and through, and we are lucky that he wears many hats for Culinary Works. In addition to being a consistent presence at Culinary Works events, he is also the liaison with DEANE Inc, event coordinator, voted “best laugh among a crowd”, and a huge asset to our team.


Business Manager & Marketing Assistant

Katherine wears many hats at Culinary Works. In addition to being Julia’s occasional video guest host, she keeps operations running smoothly with her witty personality. She is charged with the monumental task of keeping Julis in check and things on schedule. She is a Texas girl, wife, mother of two and sports fanatic.