1lb. high quality fresh tuna
Extra virgin olive oil
Cilantro, top of leaves picked off so they look like little petals, no stems
Serrano chili pepper, not jalapeño (Serrano’s are smaller, thinly slice them so you’ll have small discs. The thicker the slice the hotter the pepper, so use judgment.)
Lime juice & zest
Ice water bath



1. Prepare ice water bath and place a plate on it. Thinly slice the tuna into roughly 1″ x 1″ and 1/2 inch thickness, place into bowl. Season the tuna with the olive oil. You want to be generous with the olive oil and make it juicy. Then season it with the zest of a whole lime and the juice of a whole lime. If the lime isn’t very juicy use another one. Season it with salt generously, more than you would think.

2. Optimally, the tuna should be very cold. It tastes so much better that way. Put the tuna on a plate that has been sitting on ice or put on a plate over an ice bath – be creative. Once the tuna is on the plate, place a piece of the cilantro and a slice of the serrano pepper. You can also place the tuna on a piece of cucumber or a rice cracker, then serve. Hope you enjoy.


1. You can process the above ingredients in a blender to make more of a sauce.
In blender, place lime juice and zest of 2 limes (only green) in bottom of blender. Add a handful of cilantro, add one small garlic clove, a few serrano pepper slices (depending on how spicy), a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and salt. Stir and taste. Re-adjust the sauce, does it need more salt, more olive oil, more lime? Use your taste buds and adjust. It should taste light and fresh.

2. Place the prepared tuna (sliced), tasting spoon, a cucumber slice or a rice cracker on a cold platter, and serve with sauce on top.