Mussels make a delicious meal, but before you think about cooking them, you must rinse the mussels thoroughly.

Mussels attach themselves to all types of marine surfaces with a cluster of silky fibers called byssus threads. The fibers (also known as beards) allow mussels to hang or drift in the currents and absorb nutrients that are carried in the water.

The mussels will need to be rinsed a few times before you cook them. If you rinse mussels in a sink or large bowl, the water will become hazy or cloudy the first few times you rinse. As the water becomes more clear, you’ll know the mussels are ready to be cooked.

Remove any mussels that are cracked or broken and be sure to remove the beard. Simply grab the thread and pull. If you need some help, watch this video. Some of the fibers may be a little difficult to remove so stick with it.

Enjoy your meal!

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