Here are the recipes we are making with Glimpse Guides on Instagram . An easy grilled chicken dish with fresh lemon and oregano accompanied by our staple Arugula, Spinach Salad and Culinary Works house dressing. Check it out, as we discuss a few valuable tips and tricks to making your way through the kitchen a little easier. 

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Lemon & Oregano Grilled Chicken

A summer grilling staple, good for any occasion.

Who does not need a new grilled chicken dish to spice up their normal repertoire! This is it, look no further and the same ingredients can be used on shrimp.

Click the link below to download the recipe.

Arugula and Spinach Salad with Culinary Works House Dressing

No doubt, making a salad dressing at home is a much healthier option for you and your family.

You are in control of the ingredients. Taste with a piece of lettuce as you are making the dressing and adjust along the way.

Click the link below to download the recipe.