I have found an innovative farming company in Norwalk that produces an amazing selection of fresh microgreens.

High Ridge Hydroponics grows about a dozen varieties of organic salad greens in two 40-foot shipping containers in a parking lot in South Norwalk. Don’t be fooled by this unconventional method of vertical farming because the vegetables grown by owner Joe Alvarez are phenomenal.

Alvarez is growing kale, wheat grass, broccoli, arugula, red cabbage, and two varieties each of pea shoots and radish and is doing it all organically. The company uses no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. The seeds Alvarez uses to grow his crops have not been genetically modified and the base soil he uses is primarily made from ground coconut hulls.

Each shipping container is equipped with LED lighting and its own water and air filtration systems which means that optimal growing conditions are maintained 24 hours a day. The growing process also uses a fraction of the water – 90 to 95 percent less – than is required to farm a traditional outdoor crop.

Most of the produce grown by Alvarez is sold at regional farmers markets throughout the region. But with most farmers markets closed for the winter, you can click here to view the High Ridge Hydroponics online store.

I highly recommend the products. Let me know what you think!