Summer is here which means we’re back on Nantucket Island for our annual summer visit.

While we’re here and enjoying the sun and swimming, Culinary Works would like to be able to schedule a Nantucket Cooking Party or two.

If you would like a night off from the stove, let us come to your home and prepare a gourmet meal for you and your family to enjoy.

We supply most everything. We bring the food and the spices, we’ll show you how to prepare the recipe, we’ll teach everyone in attendance a cooking skill or two, and then you get to enjoy a delicious meal with family, friends, or the neighbors you see every year you’re on the island.

You’ll have one big decision to make. You’ll have to select one of our 14 Nantucket-themed menus to serve at your gathering. Every menu we prepare features at least one variety of fresh fish or shellfish that I purchase from local fishermen. All the greens and vegetables that are used come from local farmer’s markets or non-chain grocery stores.