SCOUT & CELLAR WINES Clean-Crafted. Grown naturally. Bottled consciously.


“It’s all in the experience”

“I spend a lot of time trying to eat and cook healthy and Scout & Cellar is the perfect match to complement a clean and healthy lifestyle.”

Have you ever read the back label on a wine bottle?

They do not disclose all of the added chemicals, sugars, excessive sulfites, and additional unnecessary additives they put in the wine, because they do not have to. Unless you are buying directly from the winery, chances are, regardless of price, there are a lot of additional chemicals and additives in the wine. Scout and Cellar is a woman-owned business that is partnering with growers from all over the world to produce clean-crafted, fully organic wine, only available online. You can order by the bottle or join one of their customizable wine clubs.

Some highlights of these wines:

  • Wine grapes grown without synthetic pesticides
  • Wineries follow sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic farming methods, Hand-harvested grapes, avoiding sour grapes
  • No added sugar to wines (other bottles can have up to 16 grams of added sugar!)
  • Low sulfites, 50 bpm and always under 100 bpm
  • No added chemicals (like Mega Purple)
Scout & Cellar Wines
Julia Deane of Culinary Works

Interested in purchasing wine or joining a club?

We can provide perfectly-paired wine for your event menu.

Scout & Cellar Wines
Scout & Cellar Wines
Scout & Cellar Wines
Scout & Cellar Wines
Scout & Cellar Wines