Cooking for your mother on Mother’s Day is a great way to give your mom a break from the kitchen and allow her to enjoy her special day.

To celebrate Mother’s Day and prepare two special recipes for you to try, my mother, Sharon, and my mother-in-law, Ingrid, joined me in the kitchen for some fun and a special evening of cooking.

We started with a glass of wine and put together homemade leis using a variety of fresh orchids. When we got down to cooking, we used two recipes that I guarantee will make an impression on your mother and let her know just how much she is loved.

The three of us made a mixed green salad with roasted shrimp, carrots, and asparagus which was absolutely delicious and also made my signature strawberry compote that we topped with vanilla ice cream and granola.

Have a great day with your mother!

Click on the link below to download the recipes.

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