A healthy lifestyle is an important component of my life – and it should be an important part of yours as well!


Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are ways to increase your lifespan, keep your joints and muscles flexible, and calm the mind and release the stress of everyday life.


It’s one of the things I learned while earning my bachelor’s degree in fitness management at the University of Delaware and it’s something that I continue to do as often as possible in my daily life.


I love yoga and going outside for long walks with my dog, Dewey. Both help me clear my mind and ease stress because just like everyone else, I have many stressors too!


Exercising as often as possible helps ease my daily stress. I’m pictured during a 40-minute exercise routine where I follow the YouTube post @growingannasnas. It’s one of the ways I stay fit when I can’t be outside and it keeps me focused on my fitness goals.


If you want to stay on track in 2023, follow me for inspiration and recipes to keep you eating healthy. You can also click here to register for one of my five seasonal cooking classes where I’ll show you how to prepare several great dishes. Stay focused!