Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Try these fresh menu ideas to liven up your annual Cinco de Mayo celebration!

I’ve put together a meal that features my favorite chicken taco recipe, a guacamole dip with mangos and goat cheese, a red taquería-style salsa that may ignite your taste buds if you’re not careful, and mixed citrus margaritas that taste great any time of the year.

I enjoy extra vegetables with my tacos which is why I like this recipe. I can use just about any veggies in the refrigerator (kale, spinach, swiss chard, red or green cabbage, peppers, zucchini, or beans) and the tacos still are delicious.

The guacamole includes a tablespoon or two of tequila and crunchy toasted pepitas as garnish for an authentic flavor, while the salsa calls for 3 to 5 Chiles de Árbol and 3 large guajillo chilies that will give it some pop. So be careful with your first taste!

Have fun and enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!

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